Learnings from our first (bi-)annual retreat

20. September 2022 | Jonas

After two years of organizing feminist and political education events and providing a location to groups and individuals that want to offer a workshop, class or art performance, but don’t have a space themselves – we went on a 3 day retreat together. In this article we’ll talk about how the retreat was setup, what […]

Competitiveness is a Focal Point in the N-Dimensional Venn-Diagram of Challenges

9. Jänner 2021 | Jonas

This blog post is a derivative of a entry in my personal journal, that I just wrote in trying to get clarity about where to focus my energy during the time to come. When I started writing, I thought it would be about to-dos, setting up meetings and reminders and sticking to a schedule. It […]

The Node #1: Jim Muck on Farming, Teaching and Coaching

10. Dezember 2020 | Jonas

Jim Muck is the Field Operations Coordinator at the UC Davis Student Farm. He tells us all about how the farm is run by students and what role he plays in the process. We also talk about what challenges he sees for humanity and what gives him hope for the future.

Befreiraum: Prägung überwinden – eine Reflexion über die Popkultur

2. Dezember 2020 | Jonas

Im Rahmen der Veranstaltungsreihe „BEFREIRAUM – eine feministische Bildungswerkstatt“ fand am 16.11.2020 – auf Grund der Corona-Pandemie leider auf Zoom – der Workshop „Prägung überwinden – eine Reflexion über die Pop-Kultur“ statt. Ziel war es anhand von Beispielen aus der Pop-Kultur ein Gespräch über Prägung, Geschlechterrollen und Verhaltensmuster zu führen. In diesem Artikel möchte ich […]

The Node #2: Befreiraum – eine feministische Bildungswerkstatt

2. Dezember 2020 | Jonas

This last November we at the Lab/the Node/derknoten.wien organized a series of workshops on feminism and gender roles. In this episode we’ll try to uncover some of the motivations, ideas and experiences that led us to organize these workshops. Because the events were in german and all of the interviewees are native german speakers, this […]

Self-Organization as a Form of Governance of Common-Pool Resources

17. November 2020 | Jonas

Abstract At the core of climate change is the problem of regulating the access to common-pool resources. Self-organization has been proposed as a mode of regulating the access to these resources. This paper examines existing literature on the conditions under which this self-organization can occur and how they relate to climate change. 1 Motivation At […]