Filmscreening: The Greatest Sacrifice

3. März 2023 | 18:00 – 20:00 | Civil Action Network

The Greatest Sacrifice | Documentary film | 96 min

The film takes place in Syria/ Eastern rural Idleb/Saraqeb city.

The film, which was shot for over three years, monitors the transformations of the Syrian revolution over these years, ranging from peaceful movements, the beginnings of armaments and liberated areas, to the growing of Islamic discourse and greater control of Islamic factions.

The film displays these transformations and conflicts and deals with the relationship between the two main characters of the film on the one hand and the surrounding community on the other hand.

After the screening we’ll get a chance to have a conversation with Eyad Aljarod, who shot, directed and edited the film.


Content warning: Use of firearms, blood and explosions are present in the movie.

Open Doors: 18:00, Movie Start: 18:30