Queering ‘Pleasure’ – Shaping Activism through Dance (2. Termin)

24. Oktober 2021 | 14:00 | Marcus Fisch

Syllabus: The quantum theory of touching is radically different from the classical explanation. Actually, it is radically queer, as we will see. Karen Barad: “On Touching – The Inhuman That Therefore I Am” … and as we’ll see, being in resonance offers emancipatory potential in Barad’s & Haraway’s feminist point of view. But, where does touch begin? How can we use physical distance to expand vibration with space, bodies, and objects? In this workshop, we’ll encounter magical anatomies to reshape normative understandings of enjoyment or erotics. Let’s draw witty lines between thoughts and use movement to explore scientific_fictional visions of decay and transformation. Somatic techniques encourage us to re-imagine ourselves as agential bodies that can melt and glow, revealing luscious fields of gravity. Everybody interested in how queer approaches have material meaning is welcome; no need for experience in dance or theory. Wear comfy (or fierce) clothes.

Dauer: 3h

Für wen? queere oder queer-friendly Menschen

Bitte mitbringen: Bequeme Kleidung

Sonstiges: Dieser Workshop findet zwei mal statt, du darfst dich gerne für beide Termine anmelden, kannst aber auch nur zu einem kommen. Den zweiten Termin findest du in der Programmübersicht.

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