[cancelled] Storytelling for Patriarchal Survivors

1. November 2022 | 14:00 – 18:00 | Várhelyi Valentina, Janusko Klaudia

Unfortunately we had to cancel this event. As a replacement the Workshop “Embracing Ambiguity” will take place on the same day. Please sign up for “Embracing Ambiguity” if you want to participate.

Storytelling for patriarchal survivors is an interactive workshop on the basis of medieval role-play games. The goal is to simulate real life unbalanced situations and digest the challenges of being a FLINTA person in the patriarchal society via juxtaposing them to incidences of a medieval fantasy universe. Using the framework of the 1977 game, Dungeons & Dragons you can play with a real life board game paried with feminist story-telling that enableing you to emerge in the same historical momentum based on the work of Ann Russo.* The aim is to question and expand the notion of identity together and create a safe space for players to get closer to their desired identity using soft skills and playful methods. We offer an artistic gesture by creating a non-sexualized imagery for the game and design the character sheets and the character creation phase, so that it is comfortable and freeing for non-heteronormative players as well. We believe that creating stories together can resolve unhinged social encounters and social injustice, and we use the practice of Donna Haraway* who has introduced the method of storytelling for shifting the narrative of anthropocentric society. The final products will be exhibited during the final show of the project, along with artworks created by Janusko Klaudia on this topic.

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