[verschoben//postponed] The A.I. UN/SEEN Gap

3. November 2022 | 17:00 – 19:30 | Klimentina (Li)

Unconscious biases are transmitted through the algorithmic environment of data and information supported by computers and networks that is created by people.

Western, white, males are shown on the control panels when one considers the programming, engineering, and coding mindsets. However the idea computing field and coding as a form we are sing today was developed by women, the action of which were deeply hidden today.

What does it mean to have skin in the virtual? What could be your sex, does your gender makes any difference in a digital environment? The aim is to question the political prejudice behind the concept of skin and sex/gender through the following aspects of A.I. algorithms mirroring such actions. Humans create the algorithmic realm of computer- and network-supported data and information, including the conveyance of unconscious biases. What happens when we step into the virtual world or the Metaverse? Are our social media profiles acting as a passport to this realm? What would you choose to be if you could be anything in the digital world? How can you prove to me that you are not a robot?

The workshop will go through short theoretical know how of how such systems work with practical examples. The participants will be exposed on real life cases of injustice solely based on A.I. decisions. Some of those systems will be shown and used as an examples. Solutions for how to deal with such problem of digital injustice and have personal contributions will be presented.

The workshop will contain some practical exercises, so please bring your laptop!

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