29. Oktober 2021 | 16:00 | Klimentina Li

Syllabus: The discussion begins with a deep look into the often forgotten side of computing history from the time of WWI until the last decade of the twentieth century. It is unfolding the hidden legacy of women in computing science and information technology. Those female visionaries have provided new concepts to perceive computer technologies and, through this, expand marginalized groups’ access. Their revolutionary innovation achievement formed the computer programming industry, from which later they were gradually phased out. The discussion will go through the roots and reasons of the artificially created predominating gender biases of the IT field. How is the stereotype of the “nerd/geek” conversely developed as propaganda, and why? How this affects the followed substantially lower proportion of women who graduate and later work in the technical or computer field. What are the political side effects, and what is the situation today? The participants will be highly encouraged to take part in the discussion and collectively create speculative scenarios for the future.

Dauer: 2,5h

Für wen? All

Bitte mitbringen: There is no necessities, but your whitty and speculative ideas are more than welcome.

Sonstiges: the workshop will be in english

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